Hoarder Trapped Inside Their Home For 14 Hours After Garbage Falls On Them

A hoarder in Australia ended up being trapped for over 14 hours when a whole bunch of their stuff inside the home fell on her.  Fire and Rescue crews were forced to break through a side window to gain access and almost got crushed themselves by the massive amount of garbage from floor to ceiling.  The grandmother's husband, who sleeps in his car outside due to the mess, raised the alarm when he couldn't get hold of his wife on her cell phone. She had been trapped for hours before first responders were able to get to her. The situation was so extreme, firefighters used the same earthquake training used while searching for survivors in New Zealand.  Among the garbage dug through were magazines from the eighties and food that expired in the 90s. The woman is recovering and receiving therapy for hoarding. 

Chris & Rosie

Chris & Rosie

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