New Viral Challenge Requires You To Throw Things In The Air

Not sure what the name of this new viral video challenge will be but it sure does feel a lot more dangerous than the ice bucket challenge. 

The latest challenge can be found in TikTok and it involves a group of people throwing objects into the air. The challenge lies in not getting hit by those objects when they come back down. The only problem is, you can't take your eyes off the video camera. 

And unsurprisingly, the videos that have surfaced so far mostly feature groups of males. Women tend to live longer for a reason.

The TikTok videos that have already found their way to Twitter actually have quite wholesome captions. Playing on the already existing “me and the boys” meme, the throw challenge videos highlight the “innocent” activities the boys get up to when their girlfriends think they’re out cheating.

The items that are thrown vary from video to video, with the tamest so far being basketballs and eggs. But some have upped the ante by using more dangerous things like safety cones, buckets and, even, plastic chairs.

The goal is not to flinch or move away from the falling item you can see coming towards you through the phone. Though that can be difficult when a kid's bike or wheelchair is headed straight at your head.

Not sure how long this viral video challenge will be around but certainly hope it goes away before someone gets seriously hurt.


Source: Junkee

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