Oreo Reveals Newest Mystery Flavor

After months of waiting, Oreo has finally revealed the flavor of their latest mystery flavor and it’s . . . Churro. Back in September, the cookie brand had people guessing what the newest cookie flavor was, but many were surprised by this one.

These come with the classic chocolate Oreo cookies, but the white creme has hints of cinnamon that had folks guessing the mystery flavor was funnel cake, graham cracker, or gingerbread. Some lucky person guessed correctly and won $50,000, but Oreo hasn’t shared who that is yet.

They also haven’t said when we’ll get to find the Churro Oreos in stores, but until we do, we can keep an eye out for their other upcoming flavors: Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut, which will be hitting shelves early next year.



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