Cellphone-Related Facial Injuries On The Rise

Now might be a good time for you to put your cellphone down and get use to a Bluetooth speaker.

A new study led by a facial plastic surgeon found a spike in facial injuries from cellphones. One case even included a woman who broke her nose when she dropped her cellphone on her face.

Researchers looked over 20 years of data and found that an increase in injuries began in 2006 when smartphones initially hit the market. While it was still new in 2006, the injuries kept piling up. An estimated 76,000 people incurred cell phone-related injuries from 1998 to 2017.

The injuries range anywhere from facial cuts and bruises to fractures as a result of careless users. Many were caused by people texting while walking, tripping and landing face-down on the sidewalk.

A number of people even got hurt when a cell phone was thrown at them.  About 40% of those injured were aged 13 to 29.

Source: JamaNetwork

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