Harvey Weinstein Reaches Settlement With Accusers

Harvey Weinstein has reached a tentative settlement of $25-million with over 30 of his alleged victims. According to reports, 18 of them will split $6.2-million dollars, with no individual getting over $500-thousand. Another $18.5-million will be set aside for those in a class action case and future claimants. The rest will cover legal costs. 

The deal – which will be paid for by insurance companies representing The Weinstein Company – means that all civil suits against Weinstein and The Weinstein Company will also get dismissed. Meanwhile,he won’t admit anything and won’t have to come out of pocket. Since Harvey’s company has filed for bankruptcy, the payout to the accusers would be part of an overall $47-million settlement intended to close out the company’s obligations. 

Not everyone is happy to hear about that. For instance, Ashley Judd’s lawsuit won’t be part of the deal because she intends to take Harvey to trial. Katherine Kendall said she was disappointed by the terms, but agreed to it because she didn’t want to block other plaintiffs from getting what they could. “Many of us are outside the statute of limitations, and we can’t have our day in criminal court with Harvey,” says Caitlin Dulany, who noted that even a flawed settlement, she said, might “bring some justice and relief.” 

  • ONE MORE THING! Harvey’s bail was jacked up to $5-million ($2-million insurance company bond or $5 million cash) in light of his alleged tampering with the ankle monitor. He showed up to court yesterday hunched over a walker, giving the appearance of pain. While his attorneys had wanted to postpone the hearing because of his back surgery, which is supposed to happen today . . . the judge refused. As for the increase in bail, officials pointed to the fact that his ankle monitor had been untraceable at least 56 times.

Source:New York Times

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