Ring Camera In 8-Year Old's Room Was Hacked - He Told Her He Was Santa

If you have a ring camera . . . you should know people around the country are discovering how easily hacked they are. Hackers are hacking their way into those cameras you put in your home, watching you, and talking to you.

One guy was watching a young girl and spoke to her in her Mississippi bedroom - telling her that he was Santa Claus . . . And in Georgia, a stranger hacked into a couple's webcam in their bedroom - clapping, waking them up, barking at them, and yes, watching them.

The company says some of the things that made it easy for them to be hacked was that they were not using two factor authentication for their ring account, and in some cases, the user name and password are identical to other users around the country. If you make it too simple, it doesn't take that much work to get in. And experts say the most important thing you can do is change your password on a regular basis.

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