Mother-In-Law Buys Herself Matching Engagement Ring After Son Proposes

Having boundaries is important in a family, but one mother-in-law has definitely crossed a few after her son got engaged. In a Reddit post, a woman shares that her mother-in-law liked her engagement ring so much, she bought an identical one –for herself– and started wearing it without saying a word.

The woman writes that she’s been with her now-husband for 14 years, but they only recently decided to tie the knot. And when they did, her fiance’s mom wanted to help him make it special, so she helped buy the engagement ring … and apparently ordered herself a matching one at the same time.

The wife recently saw her mother-in-law wearing the ring - on her left hand ring finger, with her wedding band – and was shocked. She writes: “This. Feels. Weird. Am I overreacting?” And pretty much everyone in the comments agrees: Nope!

  • Redditors have this woman’s back, commenting that it’s “creepy” and “weird. Some write that they read the story to their husbands, who are also “absolutely appalled.” While there were a few who tried to see the mother-in-law's point, most sided with the woman. And in an update, she shares that when she told her husband about it, he was “just as weirded out” as she was, so at least they’re on the same page.

Source:The Stir

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