Shopper Finds $11,000 In Traveler's Checks In Thrift-Shop Suitcase

Police in Alabama helped to facilitate “a Christmas blessing” for one woman who lost over $11,000 in traveler’s checks more than a decade ago.

Last Monday, a local resident entered the Foley Police Department with an unusual case to report. The man had recently purchased an old suitcase from a Foley thrift store, only to later realize it contained $11,570 in traveler’s checks stashed “in a pouch at the bottom” of the luggage.

There were also signatures on the backs of the checks, which gave police enough information to track down Karen McGurk, the original owner of the suitcase.

Karen later told police that she bought those traveler's checks in 1997. She said she assumed they were gone forever when her home was burglarized a few years later, and the thieves made off with the suitcase. 

The good news is that the traveler's checks never expire. 


Source: Fox News

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