Bride Suggested Bringing Her Wedding Invitation As A Christmas Gift

We are always amazed that brides think most people are excited to receive an invitation to their wedding, and in this next case, one bride-to-be was really delusional about the importance of her wedding to others. 

A woman who goes by the handle Throwawayiamcornhlio recently shared on Reddit that she had to put several of her co-workers on the “B” list for her wedding, meaning they’d only be invited if someone declined. Then, after being invited to a holiday party of one of her co-workers, she came up with what she thought was a brilliant idea - making an invitation to her wedding a gift to put into the party’s "Thieves Gifts" gift exchange, which is a grab bag where people can steal gifts from others participating.

“I can see it either as a cute way to invite someone at an earlier stage,” she shared, “or it could highlight that some people haven’t been invited, make people feel like they have to beg and dance for an invite, and make people feel way worse if they don’t make the final cut.”

As you can imagine, pretty much no one thought this was a good idea.

  • “So funny though! Her gift, would be for someone to buy her a gift and waste a Saturday in her entitled self,” one person commented. “No thanks.”
  • Another added, “I can just see her bringing that as her white elephant gift and everyone trying to pass it off as the gift NO ONE wants,” noting, “That thing is going to make the rounds.”
  • Finally, one person stated the obvious, sharing, “I mean, it's (white elephant) Thieves Gifts so terrible gifts are supposed to be considered ok. I'd still think it was ridiculous.” 

Source:Fox News

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