An Almost Naked Luke Bryan Is Featured In Wife’s Latest Prank

Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline is at it again. In her latest “12 days of Pranksmus” stunt she pranks her family with soap that doesn’t lather, a repeat of the “Soapy Claus” prank she pulled last year, which she says many people told her “was their favorite.”

This time Luke was quick to catch on, although he’s almost caught naked in the clip, before Caroline warns him not to come out without clothes on. As it is, folks see a glimpse of the singer in the shower, as he quickly throws the soap at his wife after realizing it wasn’t lathering up.

  • And Luke wasn’t the only person the prank was played on. Caroline pulled it on other members of her family, and got friends to do it to their husbands as well. Check it out below . . .

Source: Caroline Bryan

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