The Free Upgrade You Should Be Getting At Five Guys

Those enormous burgers and fresh-cut fries at Five Guys are to die for, but there’s one thing you’re probably not taking advantage of at Five Guys that could make your dining experience that much better - and it involves free bacon and free cheese!

It seems when you order a cheeseburger or a bacon cheeseburger, you can score an upgrade to get extra bacon and cheese added for free. You can’t get it if you just order a plain burger, but if you order the bacon cheeseburger, you can get even more at no charge. So get the cheeseburger . . . ask for extra cheese, or bacon cheeseburger and ask for extra bacon AND cheese!!

And yes – this good news was confirmed in a November 2019 Yelp review and a December 2019 Facebook photo, so go, enjoy, and get in on the free extra bacon.


Chris & Rosie

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