Wife Turns Off WiFi Every Time Husband Goes To The Bathroom With His Phone

One woman who shared her story on Reddit got so frustrated with her husband’s long bathroom sessions that she’s started to turn the WiFi off every time he goes in there. The anonymous woman shared her frustrations with her husband’s bathroom habits, on Reddit. As the parents of twins who are less than a year old, she’s fed up with the fact that every time she asks her husband to do anything for the babies, whether it’s feeding them or changing their diapers, he always goes to the bathroom first and stays there for a long time. The wife did try to defend her husband a little bit by mentioning that he does occasionally take medication which he claims keeps him in the bathroom longer, BUT when his doctor suggested he come in for a checkup, the husband brushed it off and refused, saying it’s “not that bad.” According to the wife’s estimation, over a period of 10 days, there were only two occasions in which the husband didn’t ditch her to head to the bathroom with his phone. Generally speaking, she believes she does about 80% of the childcare because of his antics.

SOURCE: bolde.com

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