Residents Flee Their Homes As A Gang Of 400 Monkeys Attacked

A real-life "Planet Of The Apes" takeover is happening in the Indian village of Narasapuram as over 400 monkeys have seemingly forced their way into the homes of villagers forcing many to flee the area. 

Around 20 families that are just sick of being assaulted and having their fields and homes raided by the macaques, have fled the village and don't know when they'll return.  The problems started over 15 years ago when a troop of monkeys was kicked out of the neighboring city of Hyderabad by poachers and abandoned nearby. They have grown in population since and become more aggressive over the years. 

Local officials in the village say they are committed to figuring out a way to resolve this issue and hopefully come to a peaceful resolution. 

Source: DailyStar

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