Man Finds $5K In Dresser, Returns It To Owner

A man in New Zealand bought a used dresser online and found a bag of cash inside. Kev Derecourt, a teacher and father, was trying to set up a new house for his kids after a painful breakup, and he could’ve really used the money at that time, but he did the right thing and returned it instead of keeping it.

He reached out to the man who sold him the dresser and gave him the $5,000 back. The seller, who’s wife had recently died, was shocked that anyone would actually return the money and he showed his gratitude to Kev by bringing his kids some chocolates and posters and giving the honest man a “couple hundred bucks.”

“It felt good to do the right thing,” Kev says. “I used this as a model of how to be a nice person to my seven and nine-year-old daughters."


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