A Couple Livestreams An Uber Ride That Ended In A Car Chase

If you ride in Uber cars long enough, you will eventually have a crazy Uber story to tell your friends. However, it won't come close to what this couple had to endure.

A couple from Richmond, Virginia was going out on the town when an Uber driver picked them up from their home. Just after being picked up, someone rear-ended the Uber car they were in but didn't stop. Instead, they took off and so did the driver of the Uber car they were riding in. 

They ended up live-streaming the whole ordeal on Facebook as they screamed from the backseat. Eventually, the other car stopped and the police showed up. The couple says it was the scariest moment of their lives and that they sustained a few bumps and bruises but are OK. Uber says they are looking into the incident. 

Source: WTVR

PHOTO: Getty Images

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