Man Makes Big Money Live Streaming Himself Sleeping

If you're looking to grow your social media network, try sleeping. That's what one amateur Chinese actor did and now he has millions of social media followers on China's version of Tik-Tok.

The man goes by the name Yuansan, and all he does is stream himself sleeping. This started on February 9th - supposedly a one-off just to confirm whether or not he snores.  However, when he awoke he was shocked to discover he suddenly had close to 800,000 new followers on his channel. The unexpected viewer spike prompted him to do it again, and again. Now his channel has gone viral garnering up to 18.5 million viewers and nearly a million followers.

He's been trying to offer his viewers other types of content, but all they seem to want is to watch him sleeping. He also says that he's turned his newfound fame into some money as well with viewers giving him virtual gifts worth around $11,000 as tips.

Source: OddityCentral

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