Dad Dresses Up As Special Guests Each Day For Kids During Homeschool

As schools across the country have closed, many parents are now trying their best to homeschool their kids while working from home. A lot of moms and dads are finding out it’s a lot more challenging than they expected, but one dad in Kentucky is embracing the opportunity to teach his daughters and have some fun while he’s at it.

Matt Nestheide is usually a contract analyst by day, but now he’s become homeschool dad goals. He’s been dressing up every day as different characters for his three girls, Cole, eight; Sydney, six; and Mila, three. So far, he’s been artist Bob Ross, celebrity chef Guy Fieri, a wakeboarder, a mad scientist and more. And he plans lessons around the characters he becomes each day.

The dad started by putting on a suit and acting like a principal and his girls loved it so much, he’s kept it going. “Their routines have obviously gotten thrown out the window, so we wanted to just have a little bit of fun and a little bit of lightheartedness as we started our days,” Matt says. “We can’t control what’s going on out there, but we can control our attitude.” So he’s going to keep dressing up so he can see his kids’ faces light up and have them start imagining and pretending with him.

Source:Little Things

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