Social Pressure Could Lead Us To Eat Moldy Or Unsafe Food

Nobody wants to eat food that they don’t like or will make them sick, but according to new research it seems some folks will suck it up, but only in certain high-pressured situations.

  • The study out of Norway asked subjects about the social pressures to eat food served to us, inquiring about 17 different social situations.
  • People were asked about eating 15 different foods, including well-done hamburgers, moldy bread and even undercooked chicken.
  • It found that being invited to meet one’s future in-laws for the first time brought on the biggest pressure to not refuse food, regardless of what was served.
  • Empathy also played a role in whether someone would not refuse food, with being offered a dish by a 13-year-old daughter having the second-highest form of social pressure.
  • “Informing or scaring people will not always make them avoid risky foods, as social pressure may be a stronger force in some situations," the study said. "We have to make it easier for people to just say no to something they would prefer not to eat.”

Source: CNN

PHOTO: Getty Images

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