The Hot New Halloween Mask Is The "Karen" And People Are Paying Big For One

You probably know by now that among other things, 2020 is going down as the year of the "Karen," and at least one Los Angeles-based artist is capitalizing off the character's national infamy this Halloween.

Jason Adcock is selling two versions of the "Karen" mask on Etsy, calling them the "scariest thing you can be on Halloween." There are numerous TikTok videos and memes that have been used to depict "Karens," a.k.a a white, middle-class woman thought to be acting entitled, usually while dealing with people of color or those in customer service.

The Karen masks are made with latex and feature a "personal paint job, styled hair and lashes." One is covered in warts. A number of so-called "Karens" made headlines this year, but it's not cheap to be a Karen for Halloween. The new Karen masks from Jason will set you back $180 each. 

Source:  Etsy

PHOTO: Getty Images

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