Brave Nine-Year-Old Boy Rescues Sister From Carjacking

A young boy in Alabama is being celebrated for his bravery after saving himself and his little sister from a carjacking. Ethan Walker, nine, was with his mom, Kristen, and his six-year-old sister, Audrey, when they stopped for gas and the kids stayed in the car while mom filled the tank. As she did, a teenage suspect jumped in the driver’s seat and flashed his gun to the pregnant mom, according to the Moody Police Department.

Kristen desperately tried to stop him, lunging on top of him and removing the keys, but that’s when he pulled his gun on her. In all the commotion, Ethan managed to get out of the back seat, walk around to the other side and unclick his sister from her carseat, in what police describe as “an incredible act of bravery and composure.” When the kids were out of the car, the suspect drove off with it and was later caught with another suspect and has been charged with multiple felonies.

Moody Police Chief Thomas Hunt is planning to recognize Ethan for his heroic actions and his family is pretty proud of him, too. “That calmness, at least a little bit, to be able to get over there and unbuckle the car seat without fumbling or freaking out to where he couldn’t get it done – he kept his composure and did a fantastic job,” says Ethan’s dad Brian Walker.

Source: ABC 3340

PHOTO: Getty Images