Guy Excited To Find Concrete Box Buried In Garden…Until He Smelled Inside

While digging in his garden, Tony Huisman learned something he never knew about the property he’d lived in for six years. After a little while of digging, he hit something solid beneath the dirt. It turns out, his shovel was hitting what he thought was a concrete box. Digging some more, Tony was finally able to lift the cover off the box…only to be greeted with a smell that was beyond ungodly. It turns out, that concrete box was a septic tank…and he didn’t even know he had a septic system. Since the landlord before him didn’t know it either, it’s a safe bet that it had been at least eight years since that septic tank had been pumped out, making its contents a lovely thick gelatinous mess that was pungent to say the least. Fortunately, things have since been handled and the plumbing is back to working as it should.

Source: Tony Huisman

PHOTO: Getty Images