Elderly Couple Escape Assisted Living Facility Using Morse Code

A husband and wife that were being treated in the secure memory unit of a Tennessee assisted living facility went missing in March thanks to the husband’s military training. The two suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, but the man was paying attention every day when the staff would punch in the code to unlock doors. Thanks to his military training in Morse code, he was able to figure out the pattern of the door code, then used it to escape with his wife.

It’s a heartwarming, terrifying story, but it did have a happy ending. The couple was only free of the facility for around 30 minutes before they were found wandering about two blocks away. Elmcroft Senior Living in Lebanon, Tennessee has been fined $2,000 for failing to provide daily awareness for the whereabouts of the two residents.

They’re back in the facility, but can the staff keep them there? The door codes have been changed, but there’s no word on what they’ll do to keep the man from figuring them out again using the same training that allowed him to do it the first time.

Source: Fox News

PHOTO: Getty Images