Man 'Upset Over Argument About Dog' Attacks With Mace, Taser, BB Gun, Knife

You can try to kick someone out, but apparently getting into an argument about a dog is taking things too far. Police responded to a call in Tampa early Monday morning; the caller said a man named Paul Ezzell was inside a home, armed with “a taser, BB gun, mace, and gasoline, upset about an argument regarding a dog.” Paul had been allowed to stay at the residence for a few months but was asked to leave for “causing previous disturbances,” which is when the argument started. Paul threw an unknown object through the front window of the home, sprayed three occupants with mace, broke two windows on a white SUV owned by one of the people living in the home, slashed the tires on the SUV, used the BB gun to shoot through the windows into the home, and then poured gasoline both inside and outside the home. He’s been charged with battery, throwing a deadly missile into an occupied home, and arson. No word on what kind of dog it was.

PHOTO: Getty Images