Family Has Been Sleeping On Balcony Over A Month Because Home Is Haunted

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Patricia and David C. and their two children moved into an apartment in the social park of Semcoda, in Replonges, France, last September. But the family didn’t get to enjoy it for too long, as bizarre things started happening. Patricia claims that her daughter started seeing strange things around the house soon after they moved in, and after a while the whole family became convinced that paranormal activity was at play inside their apartment. Things got so bad that they had to install a tent on the balcony to get a peaceful night’s sleep, and they have been using it for over a month.

Fed up with the paranormal phenomena, the couple sought the service of a so-called “magnetiseur,“ a person who uses magnetic energy to detect spirits, who, after inspecting their apartment, told them that it was haunted by the “trapped” spirit of a 19th century woman who wanted them gone.

And therein lies the problem. Patricia and David C. don’t have the luxury of simply moving to another home. Because David is disabled, it is impossible for them to get a place outside of the French social assistance program; on the other hand, Semcoda, the company that manages the social park, doesn’t buy the paranormal explanation, claiming that there is nothing wrong with the apartment, and that it had already been rented twice before, without incident.

Patricia and David have requested that they be provided with another unit within the social park, but for now they have no other option than to spend their night in the tent on their balcony, the only way to get a good night’s sleep.


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