UPDATE: Exotic African Cat Is On The Loose

master key and old rusty chain with Steel cage.

Photo: Getty Images

An escaped medium-sized wild cat has been captured after it escaped it’s enclosure.

Below you can see where we told you that two cats escaped through an open gate and wandered around the Michigan town. One was captured and one was too smart for that.

South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery said the caracal was found chilling in a yard Wednesday night. The rescue group was able to place a trap that caught the feline about 11 p.m. The group shared a video after the capture on their Facebook page.

Source: UPI

Royal Oak police have their hands full trying to track down an exotic African cat.

A woman owns four African caracal cats and two got out when her fence gate was left open. While she recaptured one of them, the second is on the run. While the medium-sized felines don’t pose a threat to humans, people in the area with pets need to keep them inside until the kitty is caught.

Source: Detroit News

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