If There Was A Murder In Your Home, Maybe You Shouldn't Do This

Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkins on a porch stairs

Photo: Getty Images

It was almost two decades ago when Jon Siesling killed his mother and sisters in their Michigan home with a baseball bat and knife. That family was renting the home from the family of the woman who lives there now, who is just known by her first name, Amanda. This Halloween season, Amanda decided to do a little decorating, with three tombstones, a baseball bat on the porch with an evidence marker, and bloody handprints and silhouettes on the windows and doors…with “Help Us” written in blood. While the décor isn’t exactly going over big with the neighbors, Amanda points out that she was the one who actually had to clean up that mess and is unapologetic about her Halloween decorations.

Source: M-Live

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