There Are Some Surprising Benefits Of Having A Real Christmas Tree

christmas interior with tree, presents and fireplace

Photo: Getty Images

Did you know there were actual health and wellbeing benefits of having a real Christmas tree in your home? ‘Placing a real tree inside our homes in the depths of winter is like installing our own therapeutic plant pharmacy – a living machine that continues to pump out fragrant health-beneficial chemicals long after it has been cut from the ground,’ says Kim Lahiri, Aromacologist for Trelonk Molecular Wellbeing. The fragrance from a Christmas tree is found in the terpene and ester families of nature’s chemicals. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in many plants, and esters are chemical compounds. While Christmas tree aerosols are advantageous for the tree, they are also extremely beneficial for us, and not just because they smell great.

Link: Metro

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