Woman Outraged By Tinder Guy’s Message So Here's What She Does With It

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There’s a lot of pressure to create the ideal first message on a dating app so you can make a good first impression. As intimidating as it can be, most people know the basic do’s and don’ts, and not insulting your potential date has to be at the top of the list. But one guy on Tinder seems oblivious to this and the woman he was writing to decided to take extreme measures after getting his rude message.

TikTok user Yazmin explains in a video that the 30-year-old man started things off fine, with a simple “Hi” but things quickly went downhill after that. The unnamed offender followed up with, “Bit larger than I would normally go for. But fancy meeting for a drink?” She wasn’t happy to read that, but instead of addressing it with him, she did some Facebook sleuthing, found the guy’s mom and sent her a screenshot of their interaction.

“Just thought I'd share the thoughtless message your son sent to me…” Yazmin sent to Tinder dude’s mom. And his mom actually replied…but only to claim her son had nothing to do with it. “Having spoken to my son, he seems to have no information about you on his phone and would never be so rude as to send a message like that to anyone!!!,” the mom writes. “I hope you will trust that he would not do this! He is too well brought up to do that.” She also suggested that maybe her son had been hacked. Yazmin didn’t comment on the mom’s response, but her TikTok viewers weren’t buying the excuse:

  • “Red flag …Mommie’s boy,” writes one.
  • “I can hear it now, ‘my sweet boy … did you send this message to this girl?’ … ‘no Mumzie!’ ‘Oh, I knew it couldn’t have been you!! Kisses!,’” another notes.
  • “Ah the old hacking on Tinder when the hackers body shame people, the classic,” teases another.

Source: Kidspot

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