Plane has to make a bathroom stop mid-flight

What's the only way to make an airplane bathroom worse?  Make them unusable . . . because they're already full!  That's what happened to passengers on a flight from New York to Seattle.  As flyers began to complain of having to urgently have to use the restroom, the pilot made the decision to stop for a bathroom break.  Literally.

The would be direct flight landed in Billings, Montana so passengers could pee.  Making matters worse for everyone's bladder, there was no gate when the plane landed, so passengers had to disembark on the runway and make their way to the terminal. 

“I’ve heard of flights getting diverted, not here, because toilets overflowed and that blue water was rolling down the aisle,” Kevin Ploehn, the Billings director of aviation and transit, says.  “That can’t be very pleasant.”

Source: Billings Gazette 

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