15 Old Wives' Tales That Are Completely True!


1. Eating Right Before Bed Causes Vivid Dreams. 

2. Red Skies at Night, Sailor's Delight. 

3. A Bar of Soap in Bed Bars Cramps Instead! 

4. Heartburn While You Carry Means Your Baby's Hairy. 

5. A Wooden Spoon on a Pot of Water Prevents It from Boiling Over. 

6. Hot Baths Cause Infertility in Men. 

7. Peanut Butter Removes Gum from Hair. 

8. Eat Your Veggies When Pregnant and Your Baby Will Like Them Later. 

9. Walnuts Remove Furniture Scratches. 

10. Carrots Help Improve Your Eyesight. 

11. Drinking from the Hot Tap Makes You Sick. 

12. Ice Removes Carpet Dents. 

13. An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away. 

14. Baby Boys Mean Longer Labor. 

15. Raw Garlic Helps Fight Colds. 

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