Naked Man Caught Stuck Inside A Chimney

Not sure this person really thought this plan all the way through but a suspected burglar was found naked and stuck in a chimney in a Southern California home after a neighbor heard someone calling for help. Portia Woffard, wholives across the street, said she heard strange noises coming from the house and couldn't understand where the voice was coming from.Once she realized where the man was she got him some water and pulled out her cell phone so she could start taping the incident. Is seems that the man had broken into a home just around the block and got scared by a neighbor so he took off running was found by sheriffs deputies, naked in the chimney, two hours later. He did offer up a reason as to why he was in the chimney saying that people were trying to kill him and that somebody laced his drugs. Firefighters hoisted the man out of the chimney after putting a towel around his waist. The man was medically cleared and he was arrested for burglary. Check out the video here.



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