A Man Has Left A Present Unwrapped For Decades

A nearly 50-year-old Christmas gift is going another year being unopened by one Canadian man.

Adrian Pearce has refused to open the gift from a girl who dumped him 47 years ago. The package remains wrapped in blue paper. It's even placed under the tree, that is until Adrian’s wife put her foot down! But Pearce says the painful break-up when he was 17 is still with him and he refuses to see what's inside.

The once brokenhearted man says his kids have bugged him for years to open the gift, but he still refuses. Okay, there was that year he started peeling the tape, but stopped himself.

Pearce is starting to bend. He's considering opening it on the 50th anniversary of receiving it and having a contest to guess what's under the wrapping. Source: CBC



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