'American Horror Story' Goes Political In Season Seven


INJOPresident Donald Trump and his supporters have been called a myriad of disparaging names since he and wife Melania rode down that escalator in Trump Tower more than two years ago to announce his candidacy for president of the United States.

“Racist.” “Bigot.” “Neo-Nazi.” “Homophobe.” The list goes on.

Now, thanks to FX Networks's “American Horror Story” series, Donald Trump and his loyalists are about to achieve evil cult status. No, literally.

For those unfamiliar with AHC, each season centers around a different macabre story.

As described by IMDb, season one revolved around a haunted house possessed by demons; season two centered on an insane asylum and a man wrongly accused of murdering his wife and several other women; season three focused on a coven of witches, season — wait, you get the picture.

Season seven, “American Horror Story: Cult,” begins on election night 2016.

As reported by Hollywood Reporter, AHC co-creator Ryan Murphy told reporters following a screening of the season's first three episodes that “the election is the jumping-off point of the show, but it's really about the rise of a cult of personality.”

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