Bride In Cat T-Shirt Pranks Groom During Their "First Look"

It has become a tradition for many couples to capture photos of the groom seeing his bride in her wedding dress for the first time (if they want to take photos before the actual ceremony).

Erin and Ean has that same plan... but little did Ean know, his bride was planning a little prank.

Ean turned around expecting to see his bride in her beautiful wedding gown, and instead saw her in a baggy cat t-shirt, old grey sweat pants and white sneakers!

Their photographer captured the unsuspecting groom's reaction, who after figuring out what was going on, laughed at the genius prank!

Erin did later change into a wedding dress, but we love how she kept their wedding fun! No bridezillas here!

Scroll through the photos to see his reaction!



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