Can You Tell Which Tattoos Are Real And Which Are Temporary?

There isn't just music at the iHeartRadio Festival Daytime Village presented by Capital One, they're are also all sorts of giveaways. One of the longest lines at this year's event was for Inkbox, a new kind of tattoo that actually goes into your skin and lasts for 8 to 18 days. 

People without any real tats were all about Inkbox's "semi-permanent" ones, and so were folks who already have ink. In fact, one guy whose arms were already filled with tattoos had two Inkbox pieces among them. Can you figure out which ones they are? 

Scroll down for the answers.

Could you figure it out? It's tough because rather then just getting rubbed onto your skin, the ink actually goes into the top layer of skin. Here are some other examples: 

It's all safe and natural and tattoo artists love them because it gives clients a chance to try out new ink before it becomes part of them. 

Inkbox will soon offer customer-generated designs but for now, you can choose from hundreds of possibilities at their site,



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