Copperhead Latches Onto Woman's Foot in Virginia Restaurant


Rachel Myrick experienced possibly one of the last things you'd expect upon entering a LongHorn Steakhouse: She was bit by a copperhead snake. 

In fact, the venomous 8-inch snake was still attached to her foot (she was wearing sandals) after she first felt a sharp pain; she had to shake it loose. "My fingers wrapped around the bottom of my foot; that's when I felt what turned out to be a snake wiggling in my fingers," the mother of two tells WTOP.

 "I freaked out," she adds, per the Free Lance-Star. The copperhead actually bit her twice on her toes and once on the side of her foot during the Sept. 12 incident at the Virginia restaurant. Her boyfriend and her 13-year-old son stomped on the snake to kill it, then called for an ambulance as Myrick's foot started to swell.

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