Cosmopolitan Comes Under Fire For Suggesting Cancer as a Diet Plan


Another company is in the middle of a PR nightmare thanks to a poorly conceived headline. You’ve seen  headlines like "How This Woman Lost 44 Pounds Without Any Exercise"  before. Naturally you assume there will be a worthy tidbit of info on  how you can shed your own “added luggage.” But, no. What you get is  something completely different.

"Cosmopolitan" is taking heat for that headline suggesting that a  woman's diet plan was getting cancer. When you click on the article, you  discover the woman lost weight by having a rare form of cancer, organs  removed, multiple infections and a partial lung collapse.

The article was discovered because the magazine tweeted about it, but  a reader caught on and the post was deleted. Twitter reaction to the  headline has been negative, with people calling it clickbait and saying  that cancer is not a diet plan.

So far, "Cosmopolitan" has been radio silent through the backlash.

This is the 4th corporate blunder in two weeks. That begs the question…. do companies not understand that the internet has given “the people” more power to call out bad ideas?



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