Forget Hangry, Now There's "Slangry."

Woman with an angry expression and a computer keyboard


A researcher has confirmed what we’ve known all along – being hangry is a real thing. When you’re hungry, you can get angry. You know...HANGRY.

The main reason this happens is because blood glucose levels drop when you’re hungry. This makes it tough to concentrate – and then more likely to snap at those around you. Yup...I'm totally guilty. 

Low blood sugar also triggers the release of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which make you behave more aggressively toward those around you. This is why I try to always carry a snack in my purse. It's usually a protein bar. 

Well, now we have to worry about people being SLANGRY. It's being angry from a lack of sleep. Ugh...unfortunately, I'm guilty of this too. According to a new study, not getting enough sleep affects people’s ability to have a positive attitude.



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