How To Use Fidget Spinners In The Kitchen

You’ve probably heard about the fidget spinner craze by now, because they’re everywhere. But just in case you don’t know, these are cheap toys that people around the world are obsessed with for some reason. They’re made of metal or plastic with a bearing in the middle and a few prongs that spin around it, and they’re intended to give restless hands something mindless to do to help someone focus in class or at work.

And both adults and kids are into them, so they’ve made their way into classrooms and workplaces, including kitchens. Well known chef Eric Ripert tweeted a photo last week with the caption: “Yep Confiscated,” showing that he had taken a fidget spinner from a cook.

But the chefs at Reef in Houston actually found a way to use fidget spinners in the kitchen. They posted a video on Instagram of the toy being used to “create artistic patterns on plates.” They put it in the middle, add some sauce, give it a spin, and voilà! A perfect design, courtesy of the fidget spinner. Check it out below!

Source: Eater



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