Look At How Long This Dog's Tongue Is!!

This Saint Bernard by the name Mochi "Mo" Rickert has broken the world record for the dog with the longest tongue!

You can now find Mochi's 7.31 inch tongue in the first ever Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals Book!

Her owner explains that her extra long tongue allows her to eat quickly but sometimes causes her to fling food up to to two or four feet across the room.

To avoid any mess, the family keeps a 12-inch wide food and water container in an elevated feeder.

Mo's tongue also creates some breathing challenges for her, extra slobber for when she is nervous.

The family described her as a “resilient, happy-go-lucky dog, with a big personality, enjoys spending quality time with family, loves to dress up in costumes and even enjoys having her picture taken when she’s not snaking on her favorite treat: sweet potatoes."

They also mentioned that Mochi doesn't like to brag... but is thrilled to be apart of Guinness World Records!



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