"Oregon Trail" Game Has Been Resurrected

Many kids that grew up in the 90's will remember sitting in the library during homeroom or study time and instead of doing work, playing Oregon Trail. Worrying about getting dysentary or getting their oxen across the river safely.

Oregon Trail, the nostalgic early computer game in which players go on a virtual version of the trek early settlers made (and face all the old-timey challenges they would have encountered), is back. Except it's been resurrected as "Travel Oregon." You can find it on the state’s tourism website.

Of course, the new version has a few tweaks to reflect the modern Oregon experience — including all it’s famous hipster-y quirks. Players can still explore the outdoors on skiing adventures and nature hikes. But they can also drink craft beer and pretend to be a sommelier.

Instead of leading a wagon train, players choose between career choices like yoga teacher and fly fisherman. Supplies you can buy with the allotted $1,400 range from the ridiculous (kombucha) to the useful (a spare tire).

Consider the rest of the day wasted. You're welcome.



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