Police Officer Helps Teenage Mom After She Stole Food To Feed Family

Sheena Davenport, a teenage mother who fell on hard-times found herself committing a crime just to feed her family.

With help from Dothan Police Officer Katrina Culbreath, Sheena learned a life-lesson: there are still good people in this world.

“I was actually sitting next to (Davenport) in the courtroom,” Culbreath said. “I overheard her talking to another lady about what she had done and the situations that led her to the point of stealing food. I sat there and listened to the entire conversation and it hit me: I have been there. No, I haven’t stolen, but I do know how hard it can get trying to feed your family. Both my husband and I work. We both have jobs in law enforcement. Plus, he owns his own business and things still get tight. Her situation was worse. She had no income coming in.”

In the court hearing Sheena  was ordered to pay $700 for restitution and fines, she was stopped by Katrina...

“I asked her to wait for me outside of the station,” Culbreath said. “She just looked at me. She was so confused. I met her outside where I told her to follow me. I pulled up to a local grocery store. I told her I wanted to purchase her family some groceries and diapers for her daughter. I wanted her to know, I know how sometimes things just overcome us and we feel like we have hit rock bottom. I wanted her to know I knew how she felt, but nothing is never worth stealing. I made it clear that day if she ever needed any food or clothes not to steal, find me. I will help you as much as I can. If I can’t, I will help her find someone who will.”



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