Shortage of Lemon-Scented Fragrances

Your favorite lemon-scented shower gel could become a precious commodity in coming months.

Fragrance makers in Europe are starting the year with a mad scramble for citrus tones following a supply crunch that was caused by a fire at a large aroma-chemicals plant.

The flavors and fragrance industry is facing a significant shortage of citrus derivatives, and the number one scent producer Givaudan is working on sources for some alternative supplies while helping customers to reduce their use of certain key ingredients, according to company CEO Gilles Andrier.

The Swiss manufacturer, which on Friday noted record sales figures for 2017, said raw material prices will rise as much as 6 percent this year because of a supply squeeze coinciding with growing demand for aroma chemicals and natural products. This started even before the plant fire and led to shortages of vanilla and citrus last year. Now, costs are expected to increase across all ingredient categories. There goes my patchouli smell.



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