This is the No. 1 Place People Want to Go Before They Die

The #1 place people want to go before they die is hardly surprising. Hawaii! That's according to a new study from AARP. Travel was big on most people's bucket lists. The company looked at a bunch of age groups but was most interested in what boomers had to say. 18% of boomers picked Hawaii as their top spot.  The beaches, ocean views, sun, surf and sand don't hurt. The year-round warm weather is also a plus. 


A recent study found that people living in Hawaii are the happiest of any state. Which other states made the cut? Alaska, California, and New York. Another takeaway from the study is that almost half of all bucket list trips focused on the destination versus a specific activity or attraction AT the destination. Boomers also said having a mental bucket list of places to visit gives them something to look forward to.  Aloha!

Photo: Getty Images



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