What We Know About The iPhone 8 AKA 'iPhone Pro'


Lots of rumors have been floating around the internet about the upcoming iPhone 8 (apparently renamed to iPhone Pro). So what do we know about the anticipated gadget? 

The iPhone is projected to be released in limited quantities sometime this September. As for the price? According to 9to5Mac the 'iPhone Pro' will be marked at a whopping $1,100. Yikes!

New features of the 'iPhone Pro' include facial recognition to replace the Touch I.D. and a completely new layout of the control center. The camera has also gone from a horizontal layout to a vertical one. 

Keep in mind that Apple has not officially confirmed any of these rumors. We will have to wait and see what the company has in store for us. Which rumor do you hope it true? 

View the concept video below: 



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