Lost Puppy Family Rescues Turns Out To Be Coyote Pup

Coyote Puppies Wrestling (Canis Latrans)

Photo: Getty Images

The lost puppy a Massachusetts family rescued from the side of a busy road is turning out to not be a dog. The family took the canine home and began to suspect it was actually a wild animal. They contacted the Cape Wildlife Center who confirmed it was a baby Eastern Coyote. The pup tested negative for rabies and is going to be placed with another orphaned pup in Rhode Island until they can be safely released into the wild. The wildlife center shared in the Facebook post about the incident "We are grateful to every single person who takes time out of their day to help wildlife when they are [in] need, but we always encourage people to call the appropriate resources prior to intervening, it can help keep all involved safe!"

photo: Getty Images

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