New Peeps Flavors

Now that Valentine’s Day is out of the way, stores are lining shelves with the pastel goodness that is Easter candy.  It just wouldn’t be Easter without those beloved chick-shaped marshmallow treats, and this year Peeps will come in eight new flavors.  But you’re going to have to shop around to get them all in your basket.

A new Sour Cherry flavor will hit grocery stores across the country, but you’ll need to do a Target run to get boxes of “Delight” chicks in flavors like Neopolitan - which has a chocolate and strawberry filling, and Lemon Sherbet and Orange Sherbet - both of which are dipped in fudge!

Over at Walmart, they’ll have three exclusive mystery Peeps flavors.  You’ll have to guess which flavor they may be until the big reveal from the company closer to Easter.  And at Kroger stores you can find the new Pancakes and Syrup-flavored Peeps, if you like your candy to taste like breakfast.  But if you’re a purist who likes classic Peeps, don’t worry, you can still find those everywhere.

Source: Delish

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