Why Women In Mexico Are Marrying Trees?

Women in Mexico are putting on their wedding gowns and veils and saying “I do,” . . . to trees.  No, it’s not because there are no eligible bachelors around.  These women are activists who have these marriage ceremonies to raise awareness about illegal logging in the region.

The “Marry a Tree” event is meant to honor the environment and protect the Oaxaca state, one of the parts of Mexico most affected by deforestation.  The wedding event was led by Peruvian actor and environmentalist Richard Torres, who married a tree in Colombia in 2014.

The tree ceremony is supposed to “save your oxygen” and supporters want to “raise awareness about caring for the environment and protect against deforestation.”  And even though you can’t actually marry a tree, this symbolic gesture is more of a marriage than a lot of others out there.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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