Donors & Recipients In 12 Person Kidney Swap Meet Up For The First Time

Large organ transplant chains are rare, but one in Chicago is in the spotlight.

Friends and family members of some patients in great need for a new kidney weren’t matches for their loved one, but turned out to be for someone else.  They opted to help and the chain was born.

The chain includes three sets of friends, an aunt and niece, second cousins and one Good Samaritan who all came together to make the elaborate swap possible.

The surgeries, staffed by dozens of nurses, doctors, and support staff, took place at Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Kidney Transplantation Department between Wednesday and Friday last week.  Dr. Joseph Leventhal, Director of Kidney Transplantation at Northwestern stressed how important living donations are.  "I think it speaks to the power of living donation," Dr. Leventhal said.  "That it can really create access to transplant that can otherwise be very difficult."

Source: ABC 7 Chicago

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