Companies In Sweden Making Exercise Mandatory

We all know it isn’t always easy to get a work out in during a busy week, but in Sweden some companies are actually making it mandatory.

For the past two years, fashion and sportswear retailer Björn Borg has required all of their employees take part in a weekly workout session that takes place every Friday at a gym near the office.  And there’s no getting out of it.  “If you don't want to exercise or be a part of the company culture, you have to go," chief executive Henrik Bunge says, adding that so far nobody’s quit over the mandate.

And the retailer isn’t the only company to dictate such policy, which aims to increase productivity and profitability while at the same time boosting camaraderie amongst staffers.  Henrik believes workers are happier and healthier because of the workouts, and adds that since everyone is equal in the gym, it allows workers to really get to know each other on the same level.

Of course, it isn’t surprising that companies in Sweden would be mandating exercise, since Swedes are known to exercise more than folks in other European countries.  And if they are not mandating exercise, most companies are at least encouraging it.  Since the 80s, most companies have subsidized their employees sporting activities to the tune of about $615 per employee per year. 

Source: The Local

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